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Identify, develop, promote and keep the right people in the right positions for the right reasons.
We provide excellent workplace psychometric testing for your competitive advantage.
Our system helps you identify and develop high potential:

  • Individual testing with detailed reports
  • Managing client and/or employee results
  • Reporting results using dashboard overviews
  • Developing customised Ideal Candidate Profiles and Reports
  • Opportunities to try out new and upcoming testing

Testing and Assessment

All of our tests are currently free to use for everyone and include automatically generated reports for everyone who completes a test.

Bespoke Psychometric Development

Need a psychometric tailored specifically to your team or organisation? Looking to develop a new psychometric measure for your organisation? Contact us to find out how we can help.

Talks and Workshops

The best way to learn about psychometrics, to develop knowledge of psychology in a team and to improve well-being and performance is an interactive and practical discussion and demonstration. Talks and workshops can be either fully online, in-person or as hybrid learning.

Psychometric Test Hosting

If you're a researcher or test developer, ask about hosting your tests and reports on our system.

Use our Testing Software

Need a central hub for psychometric testing, distributing reports, collecting data and rolling out new measures? Ask about licensing our testing software for your organisation.